The Sanctuary Beauty Rooms

O.P.I. Nail Care



Nail shaping, cuticle tidy, polish application

Booking time 30mins                                                            £22.50

Express Manicure or pedicure with french polish

Booking time 45mins                                                           £25.50

signature Manicure

Hand exfoliation, nail shape, cuticle maintenance, massage, polish

Booking time 45mins£31.50


French signature Manicure

Booking time 1hr £34.75

pamper Manicure

Hand and lower arm exfoliation, nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, nourishing hand masque, heated mittens to maximise product impact, hand and arm massage, polish application. Feet and legs are massaged during heat treatment (add £3 and 15 mins for French Polish)

Booking time 1hr                                                            £45.75

express Pedicure

Nail shaping, cuticle tidy, hard skin buffing, polish application

Booking time 30mins£22.50

signature Pedicure

Feet exfoliation, hard skin removal, nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, foot and lower leg massage, polish application

Booking time 1hr£35.25


French signature pedicure

Booking time 1hr 15mins                                                              £38.25

pamper pedicure

Feet and lower leg exfoliation, hard skin removal, nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, intensive foot masque, heated booties to aid softening, foot and lower leg massage, polish application. Hands and arms are massaged during heat treatment (add £3 and 15 mins for French Polish)


gel polish pedicure

 A Signature Pedicure with O.P.I or Shellac application

Booking time 1hr 15m                                                                 £44.25                                                                         


Fruit Acid Peel for Feet 

Watch our video - astonishing results with just one treatment. Hardened calluses are dissolved and removed, revealing soft new skin underneath. Treatment includes a file and polish on toes, and application of softening creams.

Booking time 1hr £41.74

Gel Polish Application

Choice of over 160 Shellac or O.P.I Gelcolours

Expertly applied long-lasting nail colour which dries instantly to provide strong protection to natural nails. Includes nail and cuticle preparation A soak off product is available to purchase for convenient home removal.


GEL POLISH APPLICATION (hands or feet)£32



FRENCH GEL POLISH APPLICATION                            £40.70


FRENCH GEL POLISH REMOVE & APPLY - TOES                 £42.25

CHROME GEL POLISH (hands or feet)                                          £36.30






O.P.I Pedicure with GEL POLISH APPLICATION 1hr 15mins   £44.25   

also view our calgel gel overlay product in our gel enhancEments section - our hardest-wearing gel polish product.               


         Removal and Nail Treatment

Gel polish is carefully and gently removed, nails shaped, cuticle work and conditioning products applied including O.P.I Gel Break if required

Booking time 45mins                                                         £25.75


removal of all gel polish brands only

Gel polish is carefully soaked of and oil applied

Booking time 30mins                       £16.50

This month’s offers...


hooray the sun is out and we are ready to get your feet and hands prepped with glossy summer shades!


june offer is 3 treatments for £65 or 4 treatments for £80 and this time there are upgrades to gel polish available.

Please see the offers page for the list of maintenance and pampering available



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